Liquor Store POS System

5 ways in which a Liquor Store POS System can Benefit Your Business

Gone are the days when liquor store owners would have to manually manage the staff, inventory, sales, accounts, and all other store operations. In these technologically advanced times, it’s essential to have a liquor store POS system installed. A fully featured liquor POS software betters the efficiency of your overall business functions by manifold!

There are numerous ways in which a liquor shop software can benefit and assist the various points of sales of your store. For instance, the liquor POS system by PtechPOS is inclusive of amazing features like report generation, customer management, stock management, and so on. 

Here are 5 significant ways in which a liquor POS system software can help your business:

1. Inventory Management

No manual tracking of a liquor case is required to be done anymore! A liquor store POS software can automatically keep a track of case breaks and usage. Be it any kind of liquor bottle – a liquor software is useful to manage all kinds of spirits there in your inventory.

You would also never have to face shortage of stock due to the fact that a POS system is capable of keeping a track on the availability of spirits in your inventory. Even the on-shelf bottles will be accounted for by the retail POS system software for liquor stores. Additionally, a liquor store POS system can also place spirit orders when the stock stoops down to a certain count. All such features are absolutely customizable and can be set as per your specific store requirements.

2. Mix ‘n’ Match Pricing

It’s understandably obvious that liquor stores sell a variety of bottles with different blends, brands, shapes, and sizes. But that shouldn’t stop you from introducing sales-oriented discounts and promotions. 

Thanks to liquor POS systems – here’s to the magnificent possibilities of Mix ‘n’ Match pricing! Now you can apply combo discounts and diverse promotional strategies to the entire inventory as well as specific bottles. Moreover, you wouldn’t have to manually enter promo codes or collect discount cards/coupons – the liquor POS software automatically processes the customized discounts immediately after the purchased liquor items are scanned.

3. Age Verification

Verifying customer’s age is crucial for liquor store businesses. Serving or selling alcohol to underage customers can invite heavy fines or even the cancellation of your license. Hence, it’s quite imminent to let go manual handling of such critical factors and instead, let the liquor POS software take care of the same for you! Simply using the ID scanner, which is integrated with the POS system, can instantly depict if a customer is legally permitted to buy liquor or not.

4. Operational Efficiency

All the management work and operations of your store, which you carry out manually with the help of a staff team, can be collectively handled by a liquor POS system. From accounts, stock, order, inventory, customers, employee, and payroll management to payments and cash counter management – everything can be managed using a POS software. This will further help you cut-down on net costs and save a huge chunk of funds too.

5. Business Growth

Customers like it fast and smart. Once they’ve chosen what they wish to purchase, the processing cycle consisting of item scanning, billing, and payment transaction must take place in a swift manner. A liquor store POS system refrains from keeping the customers waiting for long. Also, a digitally advanced approach will be found as appealing by your customers. All such aspects result in increased customer interest, customer retention, greater sales, and ultimately a sky-rocketing revenue generation.

To know more about the functionalities and advantages of liquor POS software, contact PtechPOS – the leading POS system provider for liquor stores!