POS Receipt Printers and Barcode Scanner

PT9208 2D Scanner

Ds9208 Digital Hands-Free Barcode Scanner (1d And 2d) With USB Cable

Scans 1-D, 2-D And Pdf 417 Bar Codes On Paper, Mobile Phones And Computer Displays

Scan Virtually Any Bar Code On Any Medium; Supports The Technology Your Customers Are Embracing

2D Wireless Scanner

3-in-1 barcode scanner can work via 2.4Ghz wireless + USB 2.0 wired. It is compatible with Bluetooth as well.

Built in 2200mAh rechargeable battery, with 16MB of storage space

1D 2D QR Bar Code

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PT88IV Printer

3" Receipt Printer with 203DPI resolution and Wi-Fi

Printing Width options of 72mm and 48mm

300 mm/s high printing speed for enhanced work efficiency

Direct Thermal Line Printing

Auto-cutter and Paper-Out Alarm Facility

BROTHER QL-800 Label Printer

High-resolution Printing at 300 x 600 DPI

Super-fast printing at up to 93 standard address labels per minute

Windows & Mac compatible POS System Hardware

Customized Labels with built-in USB feature

Image, logo, and barcode printing enabled

Built-in fonts, symbols, and styles

Easy to change label and tape rolls with 12mm to 62mm width


Arenas Mastered by Our Retail Point of Sale System

We at PTechPOS Pvt. Ltd. cater to 4 retail market areas with our POS software solutions.


Liquor Stores

Manage your booze business
with sheer ease


Tobacco Stores

Control your venture’s operations
and functions effortlessly


Super Markets

Run your megastore business
with utmost efficacy


Ensure up to date management of
your retail business

Efficient Touchscreen Hardware

Superlative User-Interface and Graphics
with Streamlined Utility

High-Quality Printing

Unparalleled Print Quality and Speed
for Receipts & Labels