Our All in One POS System Consists of Special Features to Assist You in Your Routine Store Operations.

Credit Card Processing

Our best all in one retail POS system comes with ultra-smooth credit card processing facility to ensure sheer convenience. It provides a versatile support to all the popular payment gateways out there! It ensures sheer compliance with the latest industry standards.

Fast credit card processing terminal for our store.

PCI compliant credit card processing for authentic results.

Merchant independent processing to leverage flexibility.

Integrated support for popular payment gateways.

Label, Barcode & Sign

Impeccably manage your goods, items, and sales using our massive range of special features. This includes label printing, barcode reading, and digital signature authentication that’d result in a flawless POS system for you! Ultimately, systematic product management is what we bring to the table for your store.

Crisp & fine label printing quality using our all in one POS system.

Superlative barcode reading mechanism for your item barcode readers.

Digital sign feature included in our POS system.

Allocation of unique item IDs for closing sales perfectly.

Security Solutions

The security and access of your store’s POS utility and reports is our top priority! We promise a variety of features to help you safeguard your day to day operations. Live tracking and selective authorization features are surely worth it. Your security access control will be in safe hands with our all in one POS system!

Role-wise security access with 128-bit password-encryption!

Customizable security settings to personalize authorization.

Real-time login updates to keep a track of activity logs.

Report-wise access feature for enhanced store management.

Add-On Processing

Our add-on processing features will redefine your business by personalizing add-on item sales and their billing techniques. Get your multi-purpose POS system NOW and benefit from the wide-ranging add-on processing features! You can customize many types of relevant numeric values on the basis of specific add-on charges.

Experience unparalleled flexibility while configuring add-on charges.

Incorporate prices & percentage based on specific add-on charges.

Enjoy the before-tax & after-tax features for add-on charges.

Witness the most exquisite add-on processing with our POS system.

Sales Promotions

Our versatile POS system lets you come up with creative sales promotions. The possibilities are endless which makes our POS system stand out from the rest. You can take your customer retention techniques and lead generation strategies to the next level!

Quantity and Mix-n-match Discount features.

E-mail promotions enabled along with variable price discounts.

Option to manage flexible points system for unique loyalty programs.

Coupon-based discounts and offers for customers.

Receipt Printing

Achieve optimum quality of receipt printing with our POS system and its productive features! Our receipt printing features are special in their own way. These come with utmost flexibility, compatibility, and a variety of layouts to help you generate specific receipts for different purposes.

A variety of built-in and preconfigured receipt layouts.

Super-compatible with all kinds of receipt printers.

Advanced WYSIWYG layout designer with custom settings.

Separate layout for credit card and drawer activity receipts.