We Serve our Clientele with a Wide Range of POS Inventory and other Management Features

Employee Management

Implement effective employee policies in your store using highly versatile employee management features. Keep a track of staff duties and supervise attendance records. PtechPOS helps you manage your entire workforce with ease and grace. Our fully-featured POS systems come with various employee management functionalities.

Supervise employee accountability in numerous ways.

Maintain price & quantity, transaction, and employee logs.

Manage employee punctuality with the time clock feature.

Generate employee activity reports to analyze staff performance.

Inventory Management

Our POS inventory management features help you manage your store’s inventory in the best way possible. You’d never miss out on restocking your inventory because our inventory management features let you keep it up to date! You can manage sales of all the items in your store using the UPC (Unique Product Code) feature.

Built-in inventory management feature with location-wise and storage-wise stock tracking facility.

Easy item creation under advanced item categories, departments, models and brands.

Track purchase & item-wise sales history and execute stock transfer between storages.

Perform minimum order quantity calculations, EOQ calculations, and Ripple-up/down stock calculations.

Ordering Management

Our management features are synced wonderfully with our POS inventory features to ensure streamlined ordering functions. An up-to-date inventory means you can place your orders on time and refill your stocks efficaciously. You can create orders based on a wide range of categories. Manage your orders flawlessly with our POS systems!

Stock-based, Sales-based, and Template-based order creation enabled!

Get facilitated with the order-cloning feature to clone from past orders.

Enjoy advanced order queuing technique with on-touch order queuing feature.

Create orders with utmost convenience on mobile devices from wherever you are!

Report Management

Everything requires up to date reporting. Our POS system has amazing report management features! You can create various reports based on your diverse store management purposes. Using our report management feature, you can analyze an extensive range of reports, helping you take better business decisions!

Generate extremely accurate customer reports.

Achieve transparent cash operations with cash drawer reports.

Track your store profits with profitability reports.

Easily generate Transfer in/out reports, inventory & employee reports.

Cash Drawer Management

Safeguard your store’s cash drawer operations and welcome a professional pos touch screen monitor with our POS features for cash drawer management. Thanks to the comprehensive cash drawer management features, you can manage and secure your store currencies without any errors. Implement personalized authorization and provide access only to your trusted personnel!

Keep a check on your incoming and outgoing cash.

Control the cash flow, in & out of the cash drawer, efficiently.

Manage the security & access of your cash drawer with ease.

Supervise activities involving your cash drawer and denominations.

Customer Loyalty Management

Customer Loyalty Management is essential for every business. Our retail POS system loyalty management features ensure effective customer retention for you. These allow you to plan, improvise, and put into place effective customer loyalty strategies. You can initiate retail customer loyalty techniques like reward programs, gift cards, discounts, and product sales.

Make use of a powerful purchase-point redemption process.

Manage customer loyalty cards, coupons, and discounts.

Plan loyalty reward programs with the loyalty program designer.

Set up categorized pricing for your diverse customer segments.