How to create a multipack item?

  1. Select Items from the Cashier screen or go to Admin and click on
    Items List.
  2. Click on the Add Button to add a new item.

Select Item

  1. Enter item details, make sure to enter the highest Pack Size and Select Multi Pack
    as the Item Type.

pack-size and multipack

  1. Click on Add Pack.
  2. Select the Existing pack or New Pack as per item.

Select Pack

A. Existing pack

    1. Scan the item or select from find button (Item pack must be
      smaller than the highest pack).

Scan or Select

B. Item pack

    1. Select the Pack size and click on Select button (Item pack
      must be smaller than the highest pack).
    2. Make sure to enter the price and UPC for the item.
Note: - You can Add total of 4 (Four) Different
for each item.


  1. Click Save once you have added all different packs for the item.



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