Creating Mix-n-Match Promotion on a Group

A. Creating Mix-n-Match Promotion on a Group.#

  1. Go to Item Groups.


  1. Select a Group from the list of Groups.
  2. Click on Mix-N-Match Price Promotion Button.


  1. Create formula by entering Quantity and Sale Price.
  2. Click Save.

B. Creating a mix-n-match promotion on other categories.#

  1. Open the Admin.
  2. Select Sales Promotions from the menu.


  1. Click on Add Sale.


  1. Enter a Name for the Promotion.
  2. If applicable, please enter Start Date and End Date for the promotion.
  3. Go to Promotion Target and Select the option you would like to set up the promotion on. Below example shows setting up a Promotion on a Department.
  4. Create a formula, Select Count Type: Exactly enter the Quantity of the items required for promotional value to be applied.
  5. Under Discount Type, select Price and enter the Dollar amount in the Discount Value box.

select price and discount

  1. Once the formula has been created, click on Add.
  2. Click Save.

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