Label printer setup and design

What’s in this article?

A. Label Printer Setup#

  1. Open Cashier Module.
  2. Select Setup F3.
  3. Click on Other Devices from the menu bar.
  4. Checkmark the Print Item Label
  5. Enter Format for your Printer and Label.
  6. Click on Save Settings.

B. Label Design#

  1. Open Cashier Module.
  2. Select MISC F7.
  3. Click on Module.
  4. Select Label Designer.

Label Design1

  1. Click on the File and go to New Label
  2. Click on From Existing Format. Click on blue box next to Select SPL File, from the pop up please find Labels folder.
  3. Choose a Label Design File.

Label Design

  1. Click on Continue to open the label in Label Designer.

Label Design2

  1. You can either Edit The Label from Here OR Save it as is.
  2. Go to POS, Under Label Printer Settings select the name of the Label to select the Design to be printed on the labels.

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