Receipt printer & cash drawer not working

A. Verifying Printer and Drawer set up.#

  1. Sign in to the POS.
  2. Access Set Up under red arrow options.
  3. Click on Receipt Printer under Set Up.
  4. Please see Settings for Receipt Printer should be As Listed Below.
  5. Save Settings.

Verifying Printer and Drawer set up

B. Cash Drawer Set up.#

  1. Next to Receipt Printer, access Cash Drawer settings.
  2. Please make sure the box for Cash Drawer is attached to the local printer is checked, see image for reference.
  3. Save Settings.

Cash Drawer Set up

Note: These settings are for PTechPOS printers only, if you are using a different Printer other than we provided, please call tech support at 888-342-1134 ext. 03 for further assistance.

C. If all the settings are correct:#

  1. If you click on Last Print, and it prints a receipt:
    1. Please check if the receipt Printer is On.
    2. Please check the Cash Drawer Cable.
    3. Cash Drawer cable Should be Connected to the Receipt Printer in the 2nd Port from The Left.
    4. Please see the image below.


    1. Please check cash drawer cable is connected Properly On Both Ends.

  1. If you click on Last Print, and it does not print a receipt:
    1. If the Cables are Connected properly and if the Printer is Not Printing, Please Reboot the Printer.
    2. Unplug the power cable, keep it Unplugged for Mini. 30 Seconds  and Plug the Cable Back in.
    3. Turn the Printer Power Back On, one should be able to Print Receipts as well as Operate Cash Drawer.

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